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Say goodbye to boring videos. Socratease makes learning fun with short explanations and thoughtful questions.

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What's that? You want to experience the Socratease methodology first-hand? Absolutely! The modules below will show you what's possible with Socratease.

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Educators trust Socratease to help them deliver exceptional learning experiences

Whether you are a teacher, an educational institution, an e-learning content creator, or a developer looking for an LMS, Socratease is here for you. You focus on what you do best, and we will take care of the rest.

Interactive content

Long videos cause learner fatigue. Short-duration, micro-learning screens that require the user to interact improve the learning experience dramatically.

Easy to use

Creating and Accessing content are both super-easy. Mobile or Desktop, Drag-and-drop, One-click Share, and other such features make using Socratease a breeze.

Rich Analytics

Every interaction with our content reveals something about a learner's interests and knowledge levels. So, Socratease can offer learners more of what they want, and what they need.

Create a fully white labelled learning platform for your website



Socratease is super easy to integrate with your existing site. Just a few lines of Javascript, et voila! Your website now supports eLearning!

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