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We have multiple products that cater to different types of educators. So, whether you want to create a simple quiz, or want a Learning Management Solution for your Organization of thousands of users, we got you!


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Quizzes, Lessons, Video Lectures, Courses. Create and share all these with your learners. No setup required. Get started on our website directly.

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Want Socratease's features but not our website? 😔 Don't worry. Integrate Socratease with your website!

Use our JavaScript SDK and REST APIs to enable Socratease on your site. White-labelled, fully customisable and will make your developer fall in love with you.

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Tinker around with our demo code to see how the JS SDK works. Changes get reflected real-time!

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Register with your email ID and your domain name to get your API Keypair for free.

Power your site with just a few lines of code

Copy-paste the playground code onto your site using your credentials, and you are done!


Import Engaging and Interactive content: Questions, Images, Animations

We have hundreds of Lessons, thousands of Questions and Media and several Courses. Modify them as per your need.

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Ready-to-use Modules

Canon content is ready-to-use as-is. You can make it yours with a single click!

Easy to Edit

An intuitive interface makes importing and editing the content extremely easy.

Translate and Localise

Translate the text into a language of your choice. Auto-Google Translate feature coming soon!

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The easiest way to launch your own e-Learning website

Already have, or thinking of getting, a Wordpress Site? Install our plugin to have a fully functional e-learning site ready within minutes! You get all of Socratease's features, along with WordPress' robustness and customisability.

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